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STONE 顽石小馆


STONE is a Cantonese restaurant with Japanese cuisine dining atmosphere,specialise in a new concept of Chinese cuisine. The stone is hidden in Taikoo Hui, which is full of glamorous feasting and pleasure. As a commercial space in shopping mall, displaying the brand content and getting more commercial value is something that needs to be considered when designing the space. But we did in the opposite way, designing it away from the commercial, just keeping it pure. This is also the biggest challenge for this project. 

顽石小馆,主打新概念中式菜,将粤菜与日式料理熔于一炉,让新鲜而健康的食材通过富于创意性的搭配,打造为清淡雅致、余韵悠长的自然滋味,激活舌尖上的喜悦。 在广州最繁华CBD之一的太古汇,在乱花迷人眼的灯红酒绿之中,也正掩映着这样一颗“顽石”。作为一个商业空间,我们却反其道而行之,将空间往脱离商业味的方向进行设计,这也是这个项目最大的挑战。


MWC takes "stone" as inspiration, the facade used diatom mud to show the plain and stiffness of stone,and also this material present the texture of the rock. The shape of the entire area is like a mark being left behind after sculptured by natural, the edges and corners are whiled away, leaving only this sleek arc.



“Let the space be glisten” is one of our expectations of this space. About the lighting design, we are considering how to make every corner of the space shine, so, from the private room to the lobby, the bright light strips sketch the contours of the space, the soft light and shadow extend to every corner.



In addition to satisfying the dining function, the designer also intends to provide diners with more holistic experiences, and strive to maximize the purity of the space design. We realized this idea by using the least kinds of materials in the space to express the simplicity and purity of the stone. Using diatom mud, wood, and stone as the main materials of the whole space, the natural material shows the purity of stone. The soft wood veneer, soft leather, and transparent glass create a different atmosphere. 



Date completed / 完成日期: 07/2021
Area / 面积: 141m²
Project address / 项目地址: 广州太古汇MU层16b
                                             -1 Floor, MU16b Taikoo Hui Guangzhou

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