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The bing sutt was originally named for selling cold drinks and snacks, and was popular in Hong Kong and canton in the 1980s & 1990s.MWC design studio put the target consumer group and the characteristics of the type of catering on the first things that need to be considered. If want to be different from the most cha chaan teng on the market,it’s critical to set up its uniqueness and difference. With a free and open design attitude, the designer give the brand a new experimental gameplay, which is cutting-edge, vigorous and unique. Creating a young catering experience filed that is modern, trendy and full of surprising.

冰室,于上世纪80、90年代风靡香港与广府地区,最初以售卖冷饮与小吃得名,后来慢慢加入面饭主食,演变成了我们今天所熟悉的茶餐厅。MWC Design Studio从目标消费人群和餐饮种类特性进行思考,分析这两方面的属性及所需的空间特性。若需要区别于市场上的大多数的冰室,独特性与差异化是其立身的关键。设计师以自由开放的设计态度,赋予品牌新锐、蓬勃、与众不同的实验性玩法,打造出现代、动感、潮流、充满惊喜的年轻态商业餐饮体验场域。


We hope to break the cognition of the traditional ice house, and the stereotype of "retro Hong Kong style". However, we are not completely abandoning the characteristics of the Bing Sutt, but thinking how to integrate the original element into the modern, active space. The space structure is traditional,folk, and close to life, combining the theme of “exploration, the trend”with the structure, to get a new concept of ice house. 

我们希望打破对传统冰室的认知,走出冰室就是“复古港风”的刻板印象。从将原有的元素规划整合,在这传统、市井、接地气的空间形态中注入现代动感的潮流因素进行大胆拼接, 主打“探索、潮流”的主题。


The neon lights and light box advertising are configured by designer elaborately. They not only are the decoration of the restaurant to show futuristic, but also are the main VI content carrier. The "SEEKER CHACAAN" light box on the ceiling also is a Symbol of art, let the logo blend in in the space without losing existence. 

精心配置的霓虹灯和灯箱,除了为整个场域注入未来感的气息,也是主要的视觉内容载体。天花的“SEEKER CHACAAN”灯箱幻化为一种艺术符号,极富存在感地有机融合在空间之中。“探索者吃乐部”“给你探索世界的能量”“能量结算处”的趣味设定与酷玩字体动感十足,相映成趣,成为空间中一个凝结着太空故事的叙述轨迹。


As MWC Design said: "The ice house is the memory of a generation. We hope that
can pass it to the younger generation of customers in a new way through the brand activation and interior design. At the same time, establishing a unique identity for the SEEKER CHACAAN. 


Date completed / 完成日期: 07/2021
Area / 面积: 228m²
Project address / 项目地址: 佛山禅城区新·DNA购物中心B201
                                             New DNA Shopping Mall B201, Foshan

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