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Qudoor is a technologically innovative enterprise with quantum computing and communicating core technology reserves and product research and development capabilities. It advocates openness, cooperation, and win-win, and creates a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. When designing Qudoor Office, we also follow a similar philosophy-professionalism, innovation, and communication. It is not only highly efficient office space but also a warm and vibrant space ecosystem.

启科量子(Qudoor)是一家兼具量子计算、量子通信核心技术储备与产品研发能力的科技创新型企业,主张开放、合作、共赢,营造健康良性的产业生态系统。Qudoor Office 也遵循着相似的理念——专业、创新、沟通,既是高效运转的办公场所,更是具有温度与活力的空间生态系统。


Qudoor Office is like an oval "planet," divided into 14 different functional areas, reception area, meeting room, computer room, data room, meeting room, lounge and management office, visitor office. The office distributes among them, and they jointly form a unified whole on this planet that is well connected.

Qudoor Office宛如一颗椭圆形的“星球”,被划分成了14个不同的功能区域,前台接待区、会议室、机房、资料室、会议室、休息室及跟管理层办公室、访客办公室、办公室分布其中,共同构筑成这颗星球上各得其所而又相互连接的统一整体。


We see the corridor as a track, and each functional area uses wall panels and glass to separate. According to the functional demands, the panels can freely switch to open or private mode creating endless possibilities: either entirely open for visitors or employees, available to guide people to explore or become a large format. The footsteps of visitors or employees, the interspersed distribution of work and rest, and the boundaries and penetrations between internal and external are all in this unique space celestial body. With strict and hierarchical space design logic, the interaction and thoughts collide spark.



When the inspiration occurs, it is like a beam of light passing through a prism and radiating into a brilliant rainbow. To capture this. "Creative Energy," the designer used color as a metaphor, combined with furnishings, to outline the contours, tones, and feelings of different functional areas, creating a fascinating and immersive atmosphere.Stepping into the reception area, the lush and vigorous "forest green" makes visitors feel gentle and affectionate as they open their doors to the green mountains. The large conference room backed by the reception area is also full of blue color, bringing vitality. The carpet in the conference room and the trees outside the window complement each other, making people feel like they are in nature, and the pace of work becomes more comfortable.

当灵感产生的瞬间,如一束光透过棱镜,散发为绚烂的彩虹。为了捕捉这份“Creative Energy(创造力)”,设计师以颜色作为隐喻,搭配陈设的点缀,勾勒出不同功能区域的轮廓、色调与感受,营造出引人入胜、沉浸其中的氛围场景。步入前台接待区,葱郁蓬勃的“森林绿”让访客如开门见青山,温柔而多情。前台接待区所背倚的大会议室亦盈满碧色,带来盎然生机。会议室内的地毯与窗外的树木交相辉映,使人仿佛置身于大自然中,工作节奏也变得更加舒畅。


On one side of the reception area of the front desk, there are internal functional departments such as the discussion room, the reference room, and the administrative office. There is less sunlight on this side, so the designer adopted "sky blue" as the primary color of the passage wall to increase the bright, deep, and transparent spatial texture. In addition, most of these departments have stable personnel, rigorous affairs, and regular work rhythms. Therefore, the soft and far-reaching blue is the proper reflection of people and space.



On the other side, there is a spacious and comfortable open-plan office. Therefore, the elite of the first-line team, this work area is designed to be a young and fashionable trend position. A large "Vitality Orange" area dazzles the eyes, gives visual challenges, stimulates the brain's nerves, and sparks inspiration spontaneously. The large long table and adjustable swivel chair are equipped with a workstation that can be moved forward and backward freely and separated and combined. It can think independently on the screen and speak of the cooperation of a large group of giants. The gray outline depicts each other with pale, brilliant enthusiasm. , Let the protagonist of the speeding and Fu Li.

而另一侧,则是宽阔舒朗的开放式办公室。Qudoor 的一线团队均为年轻人,因此设计上将这片工作区打造为年轻态的潮流阵地。大面积的“活力橙”跳脱亮眼,赋予视觉挑战,更刺激大脑神经,电光火石之际,灵感油然而生。宽大的长桌与灵活的转椅,搭载为进退自如、可分可合的工位,既可面对屏幕独立思考,又便于群体合作开展头脑风暴,黑白灰的简洁色调与满壁橙的灿烂热情相互呼应,让飞驰的想象力与创造力都有所附丽。

Date completed / 完成日期: 10/2021  
Area / 面积: 800m² 
Project address / 项目地址: 珠海南方软件园A1栋3楼
                                             3rd Floor, Building A1, Southern Software Park, Zhuhai   

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