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OI-LOK-SHUN 爱乐信糖水局


[OI] is the love and inheritance of Shunde sweet soup; [LOK] is a delight to study and innovate the culture; [SHUN] is the sincerity and trustworthiness to customers and peers. With this spirit as a carrier, MWC created a brand new [OI-LOK-SHUN]. Modern interior design will collide with traditional food craft through the VI, the tonality of copywriting, and regional elements. Under this collision, Neighborhood social interaction and modern lifestyle, traditional culture, and business atmosphere will present a new fusion.


In Tongsui Bureau of OI-LOK-SHUN, happiness is available through taste and vision. MWC believes that sweet soup would bring happiness to people; you can feel sweetness and joy through taste when you enjoy sugar water. In addition, orange is the sweetest color in vision, so MWC used orange as the base in interior design, getting different shades of orange with gradients and alternations, and then used on various areas and materials.



Milk custard is the most famous food in the store; therefore, MWC takes this as the design inspiration, abstracting the milk custard. The large arc structure in the middle of the store is inspired by the ripples produced by milk collisions when milk custard is made. The overall shape is vast, so the construction used plywood at the arc and stuck wood strips at the straight to reduce the weight and the number of boards. This method makes the structure light, like the sweet soup, even if the material is abundant, but it won’t burden the diners. The undulated shape with the gradient colors has become the visual focus of the ordering area; the arc-shaped seat base is also full of ripples, giving the place a more diversified feeling, making people involuntarily immersed in it.



The depiction of spatial is also full of details. MWC specially selected the materials that can express the canton elements as the material language of this design, such as terrazzo, rammed earth, and mosaic tiles. At the same time, MWC also adheres to the environmental protection concept of using local materials as much as possible, so the materials are from local. The appliance of red bricks and rattan is an expression of the use of intangible cultural heritage, and this also is an expression of memory and a symbol of culture.



Date completed / 完成日期: 11/2021
Area / 面积:200m² 
Project address / 项目地址: 佛山顺德乐从镇河滨中路建业楼商铺4号
                                             Shop 4, Jianye Building, Hebin Middle Road,
                                             Lecong Town, Shunde, Foshan

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