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NEGIMA is named of a barbecue dish, where meat and scallion are connect together to cook. The original flavor of the meat blends with the aroma of green onions. The designer takes the “connect” as the design concept, and transforms the nature and texture of meat, the color and shape of scallion into the connection between people and things in the space.



The lush and leafy trees in outdoors are blown by the breeze. The curtains in the outer seated area move with the wind with the sound of rustling. The swaying curtains quietly delivery the light and shadow of the outdoors nature to the indoors. The fantasy of nature extends to the dining area. Therefore, the boundary between the inside and the outside is not so demarcated.

Light is an important element that dramatize the space. Among the Negima, you can feel that every interaction between the light with space, between the shadow with space, those experience are wonderful, because its vitality and freshness. Light connects the space and nature, so the vitality of nature is endowed in the space.




The role of lines in area is not only to depict the contour of the space, but also to express the design concept and designer’s emotion of the space. The interlaced line segments as the theme element of the Negima, which construct the regularity but unique of Negima.
In most people's opinion, lines always create a clarity boundary. The sensation of boundary is what the customer needs, but a distinct sense of boundary will make the dining atmosphere too serious. So, the designer designed the ceilings and decorations with lines, increasing the sense of boundary between seats and seats intangibly, but without losing interconnection. Connection and the sense of boundary give way to each other to achieve a balance.



Designer hopes that the space in order but not limited in order, using lines to shape the outline and the order of the space. The bar uses crystal black stone as the breakthrough of this space, meanwhile, highlighting the stereoscopic sense of the space. With the “highlights” joining, the restaurant is not out of order,but makes the visual effect more dimensional and the experience more diversified, leaving more imagination for guests.
The bar is also the area with the strongest of connection in the Negima, whether it is the connection between the guest and the chef or between the guest. Therefore, the designer integrates the concept of "connect" into the guest experience, by highlighting the existence of the bar, emphasizing the area with the strongest sense of connection.


Date completed / 完成日期: 06/2021
Area / 面积: 227m²
Project address / 项目地址: 佛山岭南天地XT601、XT610
                                              XT601、XT610, Lingnan Tiandi,  Foshan

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